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At ADVAIT, we are committed to advancing best and leading business practices, particularly in SAP system implementation. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in properly implementing an SAP system and ensuring that our clients get the most out of it. However, we recognize that not all implementers follow best practices when working on their client projects.

If your SAP implementation did not go as planned, we offer audit and system review services to help you identify the issues that went wrong, highlight any performance gaps, and provide recommendations to address them. We have conducted numerous SAP system reviews and are widely recognized as the leading SAP system auditors in the industry.

System assessment

Using the data gathered during our analysis, we provide clients with tangible metrics that compare and contrast their SAP system implementation to others of similar size, scope, and complexity. We assess the current status and health of the functional and technical components, identify options for enhancements or improvements, and provide an assessment of any issues, gaps, or shortcomings, along with options for remedying them.

Once we complete our analysis, we compile a comprehensive report summarizing our findings and offering recommendations for the next steps. If you are interested in a system assessment, please contact us today.

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